Species index: Zanclus cornutus

Common name: Moorish idol

Zanclus cornutus

Molokini Crater, Maui

Boat dive in the Molokini crater off Maui.

Coral Gardens, Maui

Both boat dive and shore entry into Coral Gardens, Maui.

Koh Adang

Boat and shore dive off an unnamed strip of Koh Adang beach.

Koh Ra Wi

Boat and shore dive around Koh Ra Wi, Thailand.


Shallow SCUBA dive near Koh Lipe.

Five Caves, Maui

Re-visiting Turtle Town by the Five Graves in Maui.

Dream hole, Okinawa

Our most beautiful dive to date: cliff, cave, and crevasse dive in Okinawa.

Cape Maeda, Okinawa

Free diving on the western coast of Okinawa.

Yin-Yang Reef, Laamu Atoll

Drift free-diving the yin-yang reef of Laamu Atoll.

Hithadhoo Point, Laamu Atoll

Another manta dive (this time free-diving) at Hithadhoo Point and surrounding reefs.

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