I love to travel – forever chasing the sun and the next diving adventure. Also a pilot and fitness nut. I maintain that freediving combines the best of exploration, meditation, and physical discipline. Even better when there are dolphins involved.

Here are the ingredients for a perfect freedive:

  1. Physical condition: are you healthy & fit? If yes, proceed onwards!
  2. Location: Selecting your location, whether it's an afternoon dive, a day-trip, or a vacation planned months in advance. Location is key and requires you take into consideration water temperature, access, marine life, depth etc.
  3. Practical considerations: once there, where will you put on your gear? Where will you store your gear when diving so no one steals it? How will you enter the water? Will there be long surface crawls?
  4. Safety considerations: Boats, fishing lines, marine life, channel crossings, SMBs, access to first aid.
  5. Gear: Long fins, wetsuit (temperature?) gloves, hood, mask, snorkel, dive knife, weight belt, weights, flash light, camera.
  6. Dive buddy: 1-up/1-down system.
  7. Warm up with breathing exercises on the surface
  8. Have fun and keep your eyes open for as much marine life as possible!
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