The P29 is one of my favourite shipwrecks in Malta. Sure, it was scuttled. But it was scuttled at a reasonable depth in some white sands. Always a pleasure to take some time moving around it! As usual in Malta, I dove with the fine folks at Divewise.

Today's dive was… a bit complicated. I was set for a two tank dive with a recreational diver buddy—but with a twinset and stage cylinder, so the plan was to use the stage cylinder for the first dive, then finish with back gas. This way, I wouldn't need to haul around the stage for the second dive. However, we only ended up doing one dive due to extenuating circumstances, so I ended up barely touching my back gas except in practising gas switches in transit.

Given that this was a more relaxed recreational dive, I took the time to practise photography much more. I found that the Sony RX100M4, at depth, will just lodge itself with a wide-open aperture. This works poorly with with wide-angle lens, as the corners are out of focus. I experimented more with manual mode and adjusting for a smaller aperture and faster shutter speeds. (The Sony RX100M4 also seems to be a bit over-conservative in shutter speed.) I was also more experimental with the flash, with some good, some bad effects. My technique obviously needs a lot of work…

A lot of these pictures feature a dive buddy whose name I've forgotten. Thank you!


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