Koh Khram


We took our first opportunity to get out of Bangkok for a dive, and unfortunately were met by rather strong currents. It's rare to have a non-murky dive in the Gulf of Thailand—today's dive was no exception. But no matter: it's always good to get in the water!

We started out diving off-shore near some rock formations. Unfortunately, the water was so murky (you can see it in some photos) that we opted to head closer to shore. There we found moderately better conditions and even stumbled upon a few blue-spotted ribbontail ray (Taeniura lymma)!

Gear used

Cressi 2000 HF fins, Mares Razor Pro fins, Beuchat Men's Crawl C500 wet suit, Beuchat Women's Crawl C500 wet suit, Sony RX100M4 camera, GoPro Hero4 Silver camera, Suunto D6i dive computer, Oceanic OCS dive computer.

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